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"Eachey Gaon in Kalimpong" - a place where desire meets reality. The silence & beauty together speaks so lonely that you are bound to fall in love with this place. I personally felt, this is a must visit place for any nature lover & here homestay means homestay, a dwelling place where each & everyone is your relative if not more than that. Will come back soon.

Mr. Kingshnk Gupta

Sepco Township, Durgapur - 713204

"Firt of all thanks to Dr. Kishore Chowdhery who send us here. If you miss this place; we would miss the beauty of nature. View is wonderful, morning view & night view just amazing. Now the hospitality; it's like we visiting one of our relatives place. They are very good and nice behavior. Food is good; you can't move your eyes from the Mt. Kanchandzonga side. We will come to visit this place again."Echhay" means desire to come. Lovely, Good, Excellent.......!!!"

Ms. Sujita Baraw

Kolkata, India.

"Really love the place, love the people reside here, love the homely atmosphere, love the hospitality of the people. Echey gaon, is a amazing place a beauty in the lap of beautiful nature as we people used to be exhausted in our day to day like at Kolkata, a visit in this wonderful place is like a rejuvenator of us. The view from this place both at night & day are wonderful. So love to visit this place, these lovely people again, again again."

Mr. Rajat Saha & Group

Kolkata, West Bengal

"Itchey Goan is the most beautiful place we have visited in North Bengal so far. The hospitality, flooding, behavior of Laxman Bhai and his family is best so far we get from any home stay all over North Bengal. In one word it's awesomely beautiful place to visit. Long live Laxman Bhai & his family. GOD BLESSES YOU ALL!!"

Mr. Sandip Banerjee & Family

Salt Lake, Kolkata

An excellent homestay – so far the best I have ever experienced. Not only the facilities, but the warmth of the people is really the true reflection of the attitude - "Atithi Devo Bhava". A place to be recommended to any nature lover.. Simply, loved it.

Dr. A. Basu

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

"Till date a real forest village. The home stay in all respect, fantastic. Mr. Khawash family's hospitality was great with good food. Expect to come back again."

Mr. Udayan Sen & Friends

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

"Leaving the happiness of Kalipuja in Kolkata, our family planned to visit Echeygaon. Beautiful nature trees and fresh air. Getting friends to play with and trying to learn new language. It had awesome view of Mt. Kanchandzonga and sunset. Getting kindness and love from Luxman uncle and Indra aunty. Testing new food and many more. Echeygaon was just our own home and it was an very good experience to live in Echeygaon."


Ms. Gangotri Roy & Friends

Kolkata, West Bengal

"Echeygaon forest village is a beautiful place for weekend home stay. The family of Mr. Luxman is very courteous & friendly. The hospitality is great. We had a great jungle trek to the fort of Lepchas. We also enjoyed a camp fire here with chicken tandoor etc.

We have enjoyed our stay very much and wish "All the best" to the family of Mr. Luxman Bhujel.

Mr. Partha Haldar & Groups

Kolkata, West Bengal

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